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Sweden VS. America Response
10 Things I Hate About America
1. They call themselves home of the free and the brave. But they take away so many innocent rights like freedom of marriage, freedom of PETS etc. You can't even have a ferret! And please explain to me how jumping into someone elses fight and making them want to kill your own people is brave? Stupid is a better term to use.
2. They punish people for doing drugs instead of the crime the drugs made them commit. You should make the crime itself illegal not the drug.
3. They always need to feel supperior by bashing other peoples countries. Have you seen the viking episode of "Spongbob Squarepants"? How about the harry potter stereotyped english boy in "Fanboy & Chumchum"? Oh and the Norwegian farm boy in "Ed, Ed, & Eddie"? That was so mature *she says sarcastically*.
4. They teach their kids that the Americans were smart to start the war known as "The American Revolution". The war was started over pointless taxes that most Americans could EASILY pay. And then
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NordicGeneticsCharts Eye Color :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 1 0 NordicGeneticsChart Hair Color :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 0 1 Scandinavian Christmas Julbock :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 7 0 Cinnamon Ball Python :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 1 0
My Royal Swedish Ancestors
King Anund/Anwynd of Sweden (The very first King of Sweden) (The vikings didn't have surnames at this time)
Birth: abt 800 in Uppsala, Sweden
Death: in Jönköping, Sweden
Queen Lodbrok of Sweden (The vikings didn't have surnames at this time)
Birth: abt 812 in Sweden
Death: in Somme, Picardie, France
King Erik Anundsson of Sweden
Birth: abt 849 in Uppsala, Sweden
Death: abt 882 in Sweden
Queen ??? of Sweden (If any of you know who King Erik's spouse was that would be helpful)
King Bjorn III "The Old" Eriksson of Sweden
Birth: abt 867 in Uppsala, Sweden
Death: abt 932 in Uppsala, Sweden
Queen Ingeborg ??? of Sweden (If you know her dads name that would be helpful)
Birth: abt 872 in Sweden
Death: abt 934 in Uppsala, Sweden
King Olaf II "The Mighty" Bjornsson of Sweden
Birth: abt 885 in Uppsala, Sweden
Death: abt 975 in Fyrisval, Uppland, Sweden
Queen Anna Thrandsdottir of Sweden
Birth: abt 900 in Uppsala, Sweden
Death: abt 985 in Uppsala ,Sweden
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First Kiss
As you close your eyes…
You feel a little light…
Your lips slightly tingle…
And your cheeks feel a little strange…
You dream of this day...
With the perfect girl…
You want her to hold you…
And tell you how she felt…
You want to find that special girl…
To whom you share your life…
To place all your faith in…
To share with this beautiful night…
You know it will happen…
Just not when or where…
But for now you know…
You'll just have to wait…
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Girl to Girl
Can I tell you a secret?
My darkest fear?
Can I tell you the truth?
My deepest desires?
Can I tell you my feelings?
Or am I on a weak wire?
I love you…
These are not mere words…
My heart is fluttering like anxious birds
As I cry so hard,
You kiss away my tears…
Now I have no fears…
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True love is always right,
No matter what the others say
They just want us out of their sight
When we explain, they still say nay
When we cry,
The others laugh
They don't even try,
Like their hearts are only half
When we go to bed,
And dream sweet  dreams
Later each lifted head,
Knows everything is not what it seems
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First Female Crush
At school that day,
On you my eyes lay,
My heart pounded
In my head music sounded
I learned how much alike we were
Strange emotions inside me stir
As we sit in class right next to each other,
You acted kinda like a mother
We became close friends
I hope it never ends
Tonight when I sleep,
I'll wake up and again we'll meet…
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Unwanted Suicide
When fathers stands there screaming at me,
Making me feel like worthless shit,
I beg for him to leave me be,
But he just comes closer
He holds a beer in his hand,
Using his build to frighten me,
I can't let him know it works,
I fight back...
I've been afraid of him even as a little kid,
He's why I can't be happy,
I try to ignore it and keep smiling,
Bur it won't save me forever,
I have scars on my arms,
And a small puncture on my chest,
If only I had another way to express,
Nothing works...
And in my hand I hold a knife,
Just wanting his screaming to stop,
So me and my twin can be happy,
So no more tears will be shed,
But I don't want to die,
I want to fall in love and have kids,
I want to go to bars at night,
I want to experience sex,
But when I'm in this much pain,
I tend to make big mistakes,
How much more pain must I take?
As I contemplate my unwanted suicide...
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Deth Klok Drabble FUNNY
Pickles was lying in bed begging for the noise going on in the halls to stop.
"SKWISGAAR! Gi meg tilbake deddy bjørn!" Toki whined, chasing Skwisgaar down the hallway. Skiwsgaar had stolen deddy bear this morning YET AGAIN and of course Toki was not happy about it.
"Göra mig liten Toki. Om du kan-AJ!" Toki had tackled Skwisgaar to the ground sitting on his back, legs on eachs side.
"Gives it!" Toki commanded.
"No," Skwisgaar responded cockily.
Toki grabbed for the bear and Skwisgaar pulled it out of his reach. Toki grabbed for it again and again Skwisgaar pulled it out of range. This went on about five times.
"Nows Skwisgaar!" Toki whined, becoming fed up with Skwisgaars games.
"Hmmmm.... No," Skwisgaar was enjoying teasing him too much to realize Toki was about to fight back.
"Fines thens. Toki will makes yous."
"HA! And hows do yous plans on doings thats?" Skwisgaar said rather egotisically.
"Likes this," Toki answered. Toki began tickling Skwisgaar all over his sides, spid
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Scandinavian Straw Weaving 1 :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 0 0 Loki and Olaf Anund :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 1 0
Mature content
StrawPanic Hottest Seme 2 :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 7 2
Mature content
StrawPanic Hottest Seme 1 :iconanimefocused:Animefocused 1 0
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MistyHenry Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
Hey, dear, Hraygurl is my sister, and I can tell you now-she is LYING about having leukemia.  She NEVER had it-that was our uncle, and he got it in Vietnam from the chemical Agent Orange.  She is well-know for her lies like this, such as "she went to Ireland with our parents and got very sick in high school"-never happened.  She "was in Manhatten with her children's choir on 9/11," but she was graduated from high school at the time, and was NOT there.  I remember she was home with our parents and does NOT have black lung disease.
Red-Buy Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) 
InfectedNeon Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hej, kul att du kan svenska, roligt att se att någon från staterna kan ett nordiskt språk. hehe. Vilka i din familj är svenska (eller i alla fall nordiska?), det hade varit kul att veta bara. ^^ Hoppas att du har det bra, hade varit skoj att höra från dig snart! ^^
4therest Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
I wrote a new poem to cover that leukemia one, perhaps you'll like it better. Btw, I appreciated the criticism (just don't tell anybody).
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Sent you a llama!
Animefocused Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Tanks! ^/_\^
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Thank you so much for the :icondevwatch2::hug:
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thx fer da lama!!!!!
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